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100% BC Beef Guaranteed!!!
BC Beefnet is the only blockchain enabled platform to empower the BC Beef industry to raise, finish and sell "BC beef" within the borders of BC. When implemented the application will provide providence tracking for the entire protein lifecycle ensuring product certification, traceability, and authenticity.

What is BC Beefnet & How it Works

Beefnet & Marketplace

Order Direct

BC Beefnet is a unique online ordering system that puts the buyer directly in touch with the producer. The BC Beefnet system shows the buyer how each section can be cut along with an estimated price per kg. When the buyer has specified the cuts they would like and finalized the order, the producer and the abattoir are notified in real time.

Customize Your Order

BC Beefnet displays what cuts are available with each section. When certain cuts are selected, other cuts are then negated. The system does the work for you and makes it easy to see your options. Each cut will have an estimated price per kg so you can easily track your estimated cost per serving. If there are certain cuts you would not like to purchase, no problem! You can designate the unneeded cuts to the BC Beefnet Marketplace (See Marketplace below).


BC Beefnet is a large quantity ordering system with a minimum order of a half carcass. This type of quantity can make it difficult for smaller food service business to utilize BC Beefnet. Marketplace was introduced to offer a solution for 2 scenarios:

1. When ordering large quantities there are usually some aspects of the bulk order the buyer may not need. Marketplace is where the large quantity buyers can send the cuts they don't need when making their purchase on BC Beefnet.

2. This brings a solution to the second scenario where many food service businesses may not have the need to buy large quantities. Marketplace showcases current inventory that can be bought individually. This allows smaller quantity buyers to purchase 100% BC Beef as their business requires. You need to be quick though, because it is first come first serve!

The Network

Real Information in Real Time

Broadcast BC Beef

It all starts with the ranchers. They raise BC Cattle in our idyllic province producing some of the best beef in the world. The rancher enters the next availability date of their cattle in the BC Beefnet system. That information is then broadcast in real time to our users, directly to their desktop and mobile phone. You can then view the information and immediately go into BC Beefenet to place your order now, prior to the availability date. You can also communicate directly with the rancher if you have any questions through our exclusive communication platform. The benefits are 2 fold:

  1. ranchers can inform the BC market of their product availability with a single click.
  2. you are kept apprise of available BC Beef in real time with the ability to order directly from the producer even prior to the availability date.

When orders are placed on BC Beefnet, various cuts are sent to the Marketplace from the bulk order. When these products are listed on Marketplace, you will receive a notification that new product is available. The notification will go to your desktop and mobile device. The notification can be clicked directly in the communication platform and you will be taken to the Marketplace where you can then purchase the product. BC Beefnetwork is a real time feed of 100% BC Beef product as it becomes available.

BC Beefnetwork

BC Beefnetwork is a centralized platform where everything is accessible in one easy interface. The network is where information is communicated in real time to our user base. The network is highly customizable allowing you to not only receive critical information from Beefnet and Marketplace but also enables users to send information to large audiences, select groups or private messages to anyone in the meat industry.


BC Beefnet is a powerful engaging network that facilitates online ordering of 100% BC Beef and communicates essential industry information in real time to its user base. With BC Beefnet you can order large or small quantities and specify how you want the Beef cut. BC Beefnet also offers a dynamic network that communicates to its users events that happen in the online platform in real time such as new availability dates posted by ranchers and new products listed in the Marketplace. Users can also communicate directly with one another on a large scale or engage in one to one messaging. BC Beefnet is truly a first of its kind offering the meat industry a unique and essential service. Whether you are a producer, abattoir, grocery store, chef, butcher or small service food shop, BC Beefnet will enhance your business. Contact us today to get started at no cost or see below for further details.

Get Connected Today

Are you a Retailer, Chef or Butcher? Sign Up!

Contact us to get started. We will set you up with one login that will be used for the network, BC Beefnet and Marketplace. Download the desktop and mobile app and you'll be up in running in no time.

For Our Industry Partners

Broadcast Your Products To Our Members

BC Beefnetwork is designed to centralize valuable information in one easy to use platform. If you are meat provider in BC you can leverage our system to broadcast your product to our user base. Here's how it works. You embed our code snippet into your system. Go to your product page within your system and click the broadcast button. Select what audience you want to send the product to and click broadcast. Now the BC Beefnetwork user base will receive a notification about your product on their desktop or mobile device. It's that simple. You gain an instant audience who will have one click access to your product and one click access to communicate directly with you.

Embedded Chat

If you have a user facing site where you'd like your customers to be able to chat directly with you, we've got you covered. BC Beefnetwork offers a stand alone chat application that can be embedded into any third party site. All chat activity will be integrated into the BC Beefnetwork giving our customers one interface to manage for industry and retail activity. Contact us today to see how we can get you started and connect you directly with your customers.


Single Platform

Imagine the possibilities if everyone in the meat industry were gathered and connected on a single platform. A centralized place to order product, be informed of new products and communicate with any sector of the industry directly and in real time. The possibilities are too many to list. It's a big idea we hope you join us in making this big idea a reality.


BC Beefnetwork is an online ordering system and mass communication network that not just anyone can join. Each participant must legitimately belong to the meat and food industry before they are given access. This means users can share sensitive information with confidence. Finally a true A2B and B2B network that is secure for its users. This unlocks a new world of benefits waiting to be realized.


BC Beefnetwork keeps each of its members informed with up to the second information. When new availability dates are entered by ranchers our users know about it immediately. When new products are listed in Marketplace, our users are informed. When industry partners have new meat products that are coming to market, you guessed it, our users are there. Along with product updates our users have unprecedented access to industry peers from all sectors. We enable mass communication, targeted audience communication and private messaging. Our goal is to make information easily disseminated, consumed, acted upon and curated like never before for the meat industry.

Blockchain Tracking Providence

BC Beefnet is currently planning for the implementation of blockchain technology to track all aspects of BC Beef throughout its life cycle. Immutable traceable records on BC Beef and eventually other proteins will ensure that origins and all aspects of the protein from being raised to served is fully certifiable and traceable giving the consumer full confidence in the product they are buying.

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