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About Us

BC Beef Network makes purchasing high quality 100% BC Beef by the carcass easy. Our online marketplace links you directly with our top producer and craft processor teams, located throughout British Columbia, so you can choose the ranch and abattoir team that best suits your needs. Whether you choose to buy from one team or several you have the assurance that by choosing local 100% BC Beef you know exactly where your beef comes from - from pasture to plate.

100% BC Beef

100% BC Beef comes from cattle that is entirely born, raised, finished and processed in British Columbia. When you sign up for BC Beef Network you are agreeing to the terms of a license that allows you to promote our beef with the 100% BC Beef logo, a brand that guarantees the beef you are buying is 100% local.

For more information on 100% BC Beef or other BC premium meats visit BC Meats. Visit the BC Association of Abattoirs to find valuable industry information, sign up for our newsletter and become a member. Chefs, grocers and butchers who are members of BC Association of Abattoirs receive a 1% discount on BC BeefNet purchases.


When you purchase 100% BC Beef from BC BeefNet:

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How It Works

BC BeefNet's personal vignettes of our rancher and abattoir teams highlight the production attributes used to produce our high quality, flavourful 100% BC Beef. These individual profiles also break down pricing at a glance and production schedules. BC BeefNet's ordering options let you choose custom cutting or default cut selections from six sections of the carcass: chuck, hip, loin plate, rib and shank. You can select cuts with a "Marketplace" option to be deducted from your order for credit. Each cut includes an estimated cost per serving and once your order is completed, a summary of the order is produced for review. When the order is placed, the producer can immediately confirm the order and delivery date.

How to Sign Up

It's easy!

To sign up for a BC BeefNet account the first step is to enter your basic contact information. Next you will create a user name and password. You will then be asked to accept the licensing agreement to use the 100% BC Beef logo. That's all there is to it.

Your user name and password can also be used on your Marketplace account.

Members of the BC Association of Abattoirs receive a 1% discount on BC BeefNet orders so don't forget to become a member and answer "Yes" to the question on the registration form to ensure this discount is applied.


Transportation costs from the abattoir to you vary depending on the relative distance of the abattoir to your location and the number of refrigerated trucking companies servicing that route. In each abattoir profile the estimated shipping costs per carcass are laid out for the major centres they serve. Some abattoirs offer free delivery within their geographic region. Once the beef is processed, the exact shipping cost will be itemized in your final invoice. If you have made arrangements with the abattoir (by phone or email) to pay for the shipping on the receiving end, then the shipping cost amount on the final invoice will remain at zero.

Terms of Payment

Once you receive the confirmation email indicating your beef is processed you are required to use the link to log onto BC BeefNet to view your final invoice. You must click on the payment made link because this action will trigger the abattoir to ship the beef. If you pay BC BeefNet through online banking prior to pushing the payment made button, a discount of 1% on your order can be applied to your payment. If you are required to print and submit the invoice to your accounts payable department to generate and mail a cheque, please click the payment made button once you have submitted the invoice. For payment by cheque, the terms of payment are net 14 days and the 1% discount does not apply.

An additional discount of 1% is credited to all members of the BC Association of Abattoirs. (The annual membership fee is $157.50 and membership registration can be completed online at

If you have any questions on the terms of payment, please contact Program Manager, Gillian Watt at 250 319 2367 or